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My Dashboard

In the future, the DemiAg computer system, DemiWeb virtual research labs, DemiSci software tools, DemiPharma software tools, DeMilia Research Farm sponsorships, user discussion forums, your shopping cart, and other account features will be accessed through your personal dashboard. Your dashboard will be the control center from which you launch web based software applications as separate instances that you can pause, resume, save, and delete. As a result you'll be able to continue your work sessions at a later time even if you shutdown your browser or switch to a different computer. Each web based software application instance will open in it's own window (or tab) such that you can view them side-by-side. You'll even be able to create multiple instances of the same web based software application for working on different tasks that you save separately. After you have a DeMilia Research account, then new web based software applications will become available in your dashboard after that application goes live. This page is where you will register to get your own DeMilia Research account and personal dashboard.



Coming soon. Our databases are still in development. In 2016, account information and DeMilia Research Farm sponsorship information will be available in a limited feature dashboard. Capabilities for web based software application instances using a full featured dashboard will not be implemented until 2017. Individual web based software applications will be added to the dashboard over time.

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